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Organic Semiconductor Research and Synthesis| Okumoto Laboratory, Service


We Offer High Quality Services on Organic Semiconductor Materials and Devices based on Plenty of Experience.

1) Providing Organic Semiconductors for Research Activities

Contract research on creating novel materials with your material fulfilment or trace synthesis described in literatures
We are good at aromatic compounds (either of low molecular weight or polymer)
with high purity, short lead time, and low cost.

List of Example Compounds

Query on above or other materials, contact us with e-mail

aromatic, small molecule, polymer, synthesis, halogenation, boration, condensation, cyclization, Ullmann reaction, Suzuki Coupling, Buchwald coupling, Purification, Sublimation, Analysis, PLC purity, Gel permeation chromatography, NMR, Mass Analysis

2) Evaluation of Materials

We evaluate Photonic and electronic properties of Materials.

3) Trial Device Fabrication and Evaluation

We fabricate organic semiconductor devices such as OLEDs and organic solar cells and evaluate their performance.

4) technology survey

We study and report on a technical field based on your request.
Example) "OLED with Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence"

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